New ingredients: October, 2013

New ingredients: October, 2013

New ingredients on the market

Water-soluble quinoa for North America

Novel Ingredient Services has been named the exclusive U.S. distributor of Quinoasure, the first instant, nutritional quinoa powder and the only quinoa product suitable for use as an ingredient in foods, beverages, dietary supplements and meal replacements. The company will also service customers in Canada and Mexico. Quinoasure, which is non-GMO, provides the nutritional benefits of quinoa in a form that offers greater nutritional value and potency, as well as improved digestibility and solubility. It is all-natural, cholesterol-free, gluten-free and hypoallergenic. Available in both conventional and organic forms, Quinoasure is odorless, virtually tasteless, and has better mouthfeel than the quinoa grain. Water solubility makes Quinoasure versatile enough to use in a variety of applications. It’s also cost‑effective:  It takes 159g of the raw quinoa grain to equal the biological value of 100g of Quinoasure.

Natural blue colorant from spirulina

Chr. Hansen’s Natural Colors Division has unveiled a natural blue for the confectionary and gum industry in the United States. The new colorant is based on spirulina, a blue-green algae occurring naturally in tropical and subtropical lakes. Spirulina has a long record of accomplishment for many applications across many markets. It provides bright vivid blue and green shades and it can be used various types of confectionary, including panned candy, and chewy candy, jelly gum/gummy candy, extruded candy and chewing gum. The FDA has approved spirulina to be used as colorant in confectionary and chewing gum in the United States.

Siberian ginseng for energy — and budgets

Siberian ginseng (Eleutherococcus senticosus), also known as Eleuthero, is now available from Cactus Botanics, a vertically integrated botanical raw material supplier. Siberian ginseng is native to the Taiga region of the Far East (southeastern part of Russia, northern China, Korea, and Japan). Eleuthero is distinctively different from Asian ginseng (Panax ginseng); it is also much less expensive. It is known for being one of the best-studied, effective and safe natural energy-promoting herbs. Cactus Botanics has abundant Siberian Ginseng Powder Extract raw materials in both its China and US warehouses. The company offers two types for manufacturers:  Eleutherosides B+Eleutherosides E=0.8% and Eleutherosides B:Eleutherosides E≈3:5. The company can also provide tailored formulations to meet specific formulation requirements.

‘Spirited’ flavors to jazz up cuisine

A dash of alcohol added to any dish unleashes a greater depth of flavor. ‘Spirited’flavors are growing in popularity throughout the culinary world, adding aroma and taste that jazzes up any cuisine. Comax Flavors is now offering alcohol flavors that can transform everyday food and beverage products for the most sophisticated palate. The family-owned company presents well-known alcohol flavors such as Amaretto, Beer, Tequila, Champagne, Cognac, Red Wine, White Wine, Rum, Grand 

Marnier and more. This broad array of edgy flavors are application-ready for a wide variety of food and beverages. 

Olive leaf extract for CV benefits

Benolea, an olive leaf extract marketed under Frutarom Health’s high-end EFLA range of ingredient systems, has announced new research that supports its cardiovascular benefits. Benolea contains oleuropein, a natural compound with blood pressure-lowering effects. In a recent clinical trial, researchers compared the efficacy of Benolea olive leaf extract to a blood pressure-lowering pharmaceutical in subjects with mildly elevated blood pressure. Benolea showed to be efficient in lowering elevated blood-pressure levels and positively influenced the lipid profile of this population, while being safe and well-tolerated.









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