Bühler technology reduces breakages in frozen raspberry processing

Bühler technology reduces breakages in frozen raspberry processing

New soft landing system minimizes breakage of whole raspberries and ensures gentle handling during the sorting process.

Technology specialist Bühler has launched a new soft landing system for its optical sorting technology, to reduce product breakages for processors of delicate frozen raspberries.

The technology was recently unveiled at an event in Washington to demonstrate Bühler’s specialist optical sorting technology for U.S. raspberry processors.

The new soft landing system is designed to fit the SORTEX E1D range of Bühler optical sorters, helping to minimise the breakage of whole raspberries and ensuring maximum gentle handling of the product during the sorting process.

Stephen Jacobs, Bühler’s fruit and vegetable global product manager said: “A major problem for frozen raspberries processors is the fragility of the product once frozen”. Depending on the variety type, breakage levels for this product, when handled within the sorting process, can be up to 10 percent. We were keen to offer a solution to their problem that would allow processors to minimise the breakages and to maximise the high value commodity of the whole raspberry.

“The recent demonstration in Washington tested two full pallets of frozen raspberries. Additional to the final handling of the fruit sliding through the new gentle handling system, the machine was also set up to demonstrate the unique and powerful combination of the three technologies within the SORTEX E1D that work in unison. The combination technologies, colour bichromatic cameras,  enhanced InGaAs and  PROfile (shape) technology, efficiently detects and removes foreign material (FM) such as leaves, stems, mould, as well as over and undersized product from the main stream.


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