British Pharmacopoeia publishes new 150th anniversary edition

The BP is the authoritative collection of medicinal standards used and referenced in over 100 countries.

The 150th Anniversary Edition of the British Pharmacopoeia (BP) has been published today. The BP is the authoritative collection of medicinal standards used and referenced in over 100 countries. With the first edition of the BP published in 1864 and the origins of the BP extending back to 1618 the publication of the 150th Anniversary Edition represents a milestone in the history and development of quality standards for pharmaceuticals.

From approximately 1,000 exotic and wonderful entries in the BP 1864, such as the use of sperm whale and almond wax as a cold cream, or yeast poultice as an anti-infective, to almost 3,500 modern day monographs such as the new addition of insomnia drug Zolpidem, the Anniversary Edition sees the introduction of a USB-drive of the six volumes for the first time in its 150-year history. Users are also provided with a USB drive of a complimentary, commemorative digital facsimile of the BP 1864 - the first edition.

The 150th Anniversary Edition or BP 2015 features 39 new BP monographs, 144 revised monographs and all European Pharmacopoeia monographs, making it essential for academics, manufacturing pharmacists and the pharmaceutical industry. It contains up-to-date assays, medicinal standards and methods required for testing medicines.

Dr Samantha Atkinson, Secretary and Scientific Director, BP Commission and Group Manager of the British Pharmacopoeia and Laboratory Services said:

"This is a significant milestone for a prestigious publication and brings vibrancy to our life sciences sector. Looking back through its history, it is clear that the BP has been, and continues to be, held in high esteem in the UK and worldwide.

We thank our publishing and laboratory services partners, all of our national and international stakeholders past, present and future for their contributions to the BP. This contribution has enabled the standards set in the BP to be published. It has also facilitated the establishment of British Pharmacopoeia Chemical Reference Substances (BPCRS) which help to underpin the quality standards in the monographs of the BP."

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