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Embria leads successful drive for Vitamin Angels

Embria leads successful drive for Vitamin Angels
Through the social media efforts of Embria Health Sciences and EpiCor customers including Healthy Directions, Renew Life, NOW Foods and Natrol, money was raised for Vitamin Angels to provide vitamins to 25,000 children in need.

Embria Health Sciences, a leader in providing safe and effective science-based dietary supplement ingredients to the global marketplace, is a believer in the impact that dietary supplements can have on the quality of life of people. That is why it was natural for Embria to approach Vitamin Angeles with an innovative campaign idea to leverage its own social media platforms, and to enlist customers who purchase EpiCor for inclusion in their own supplement brands, to work together to raise awareness about global childhood undernutrition and vitamin supplementation as a key solution.

Vitamin Angeles is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping at-risk populations in need—specifically pregnant women, new mothers, and children under five—gain access to lifesaving and life changing vitamins and minerals.

The campaign devised by Embria had a goal of providing up to 25,000 children with life changing vitamins for one year. For every “like” or “share” of the program on Facebook, a donation to Vitamin Angels, equivalent to one year’s supply of lifesaving vitamin A for an at-risk child, would result. Embria enlisted EpiCor customers and Vitamin Angels corporate partners, which included Healthy Directions, Renew Life, NOW Foods and Natrol, to join the effort by promoting the goal and the Vitamin Angels mission on their own social media sites.

“We’re grateful to EpiCor and its supporters for helping children who would otherwise go without critically needed vitamin and minerals. Together, we are helping children worldwide lead healthier lives,” said Howard Schiffer, president and founder of Vitamin Angels.

Some metrics resulting from the Facebook-oriented campaign:

  • 14,211 total “likes” or “shares”
  • 306,285 total impressions
  • 183 total comments

“The power of social media in business can sometimes be lost on strictly commercial interests,” says Paul Faganel, Embria president. “Embria sincerely believes that the dietary ingredient products we provide to the marketplace help improve the quality of life for people, and that’s why supporting efforts to bring life changing vitamins to children in need makes perfect sense from a cultural perspective. It is particularly gratifying to see some of our valued customers get involved in the campaign.”

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