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New omega-3 documentary features Qualitas Health algae farm

The 13-minute documentary is titled “Quality, Sustainability Driving Future of Omega-3s.”

Informa, one of the world’s leading knowledge providers to individuals, businesses and organizations, announced its SupplySide Omega-3 Insights brand recently released its first documentary film, underwritten by Qualitas Health, titled “Quality, Sustainability Driving Future of Omega-3s.” The 13-minute documentary addresses issues around sustainability and supply chain management, and provides viewers a behind the scenes look at Qualitas’ “alga-culture” fields in Western Texas to illustrate the innovative approaches suppliers are taking in the omega-3 market.

“Sustainability is a hot topic within the omega-3 market, and something that we’ve explored in many different ways since we launched SupplySide Omega-3 Insights,” said Heather Granato, Vice President, Content, Health & Nutrition Network. “However, developing a documentary film allows us to tell the story in a new medium, and offer a look at one of the avenues suppliers are exploring to address concerns around both sustainability and supply chain quality.”

David Hart, Vice President of Marketing, Qualitas Health, commented: “This documentary is a great way to showcase our alga-culture farms in the remote desert of West Texas, where we grow the omega-3 rich algae for Almega PL. You can get a taste of the advanced technology, large scale and strict control of the supply chain from the documentary. The team at Informa was terrific to work with—the epitome of professionalism, combining great technical and industry knowledge with film-making. We are confident this film will further position Almega PL in the market as the first choice for vegetarian and sustainable omega-3s."

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