Nu Century Herbs supports CO flood victims

Nu Century Herbs supports CO flood victims

Nu Century Herbs donated packets of herbal respiratory supplement Resprin to Donate Boulder.

As a part of its ongoing SHARE THE AIR commitment to community and education, Nu Century Herbs recently donated packets of its herbal respiratory supplement, Resprin, to Donate Boulder, an organization that provides community-organized flood relief for the victims of the recent Colorado floods. The “act now” grassroots efforts focus on providing assistance to individuals who need help most during these trying times: the elderly, single mothers and the disabled.

Mold is already growing in many structures affected by the flooding. Other environmental hazards, including asbestos and debris dust are also present in the recovery and rebuilding process. Volunteers and staff are told to make sure they wear masks, rubber gloves and rubber boots. Matthew King, donor relations/partnerships contact and board of directors chairman for Donate Boulder, asked NuCentury Herbs to help get the word out as well. “What we really need right now are really good respirator masks. All the stores are sold out here. We are also in need of financial contributions,” King said.

Donate Boulder is a project of the Living GREEN Foundation (FEIN: 26-1421917), a not-for-profit 501c3 organization based in Boulder, Colorado. If you wish to learn more about the Donate Boulder, volunteer or offer a donation, please go to or

NuCentury Herbs continues to make considerable efforts to educate the media and the public on the health risks of mold exposure and invite everyone to SHARE THE AIR. The company has been researching the connection between herbs and wellness for over two decades. Their synergistic formulations are quality produced in the USA with 100 percent vegetarian, all-natural herbal ingredients, GMP certified and are scientifically standardized for purity and potency. If you wish to learn more about NuCentury Herbs, visit

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