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PMA, Hartman Group expand strategic partnership

PMA, Hartman Group expand strategic partnership
To provide critical insights into consumer behaviors driving fresh fruit and vegetable sales, PMA has expanded its partnership with The Hartman Group and announces three new consumer trends reports. 

To provide critical insights into consumer behaviors driving fresh fruit and vegetable sales, Produce Marketing Association (PMA) has expanded its strategic partnership with The Hartman Group and announces three new consumer trends reports. The Hartman Group’s syndicated study Transparency 2015, Establishing Trust with Consumers is available now; two additional studies on Culture of Food and Healthy Eating Trends and Lifestyles will follow. A webinar series covering the new studies is also planned to help produce industry members further translate findings into everyday application. The Transparency 2015 webinar, presented by The Hartman Group’s Chief Executive Officer Laurie Demeritt, will be held May 20 and is free to PMA members.

“Transparency is the term mentioned in boardrooms, annual reports, marketing messaging and press relations as one of the key practices for doing right by consumers, and is often the platform from which companies protect brand reputation and shareholder value,” said Eileen O’Leary, PMA market research manager. “Being more transparent, from the corporate mindset, is to manage one’s public image; however, as the Transparency 2015 study shows, from a consumer’s vantage point, transparency is much more than corporate and social responsibility.”  

The Hartman Group is a leading expert in providing a consumer-centric approach for insights and action, studying consumers in their natural environments, which means their homes and their stores.

O’Leary added that PMA’s strategic partnership with the Hartman Group, as well as other world-class market research firms, aligns with PMA’s Global Connections strategic pillar that connects members year-round with information on the rising power and influence of consumers worldwide, on digital marketing technology and on translating their marketing messages to reach the consumers through traditional and innovative virtual channels in order to grow business and increase consumption.

PMA members can expect this new series of syndicated studies from the research firm to cover:

  • Transparency 2015  Explores consumers’ evolutions, adoptions and aspirations in the environmental- and social-values marketplace and how these attitudes shape their purchase decisions. Available now.
  • Culture of Food – A look at America’s diverse and dynamic food culture from the eaters’ (i.e., consumers') point of view, exploring areas in our food culture that are ready for innovation whether it be in the form of products, services or menus; and key drivers that will fuel these innovations. Available fall 2015.
  • Healthy Eating Trends and Lifestyles – Examines consumers’ perspectives on what it means to “eat healthy,” exploring consumers’ demands and how lifestyle aspirations, motivations and challenges influence purchase decisions and shopping behaviors. Available first quarter 2016. 

These new studies add to PMA’s existing library of consumer trend research that includes the following Hartman’s 2014 studies, still richly insightful and relevant to produce companies: Outlook on the Millennial Consumer, Organic and Natural and Digital Food Life.

The Transparency 2015 webinar being held May 20 at 2 p.m. ET is free to PMA members; register online. PMA’s in-house market research analysts cover consumer trends on a monthly basis on; visit “What’s New” from the home page to see the latest information available.



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