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Ready for an uncertain guar market in 2015?

Ready for an uncertain guar market in 2015?
Guar market situation coming into 2015 is as uncertain as it has been in years. Here's some steadying news.

Even though it's sometimes thought of as a “commodity” product, more than 2,000 companies in the United States use guar as a foundational hydrocolloid in their consumer product formulations. If you're currently buying guar, you know that the market faces:  

  • Long supply chains 
  • Significant price fluctuations (up to 10x in 2012)
  • Variable product quality
  • Supply disruptions

What's more, the guar market situation coming into 2015 is as uncertain as it has been in years.

PLT has been supplying guar since the late 1950s. We have experienced the market in all its variety and subtleties—differences in commercial practices of participants in times of market fluctuations, inexact specifications, challenging supply logistics, and questionable credibility of information provided. We have supplier relationships in guar that stretch back over 30 years. That's one reason why, in 2012 when the world faced dramatic shortages in guar supply, PLT customers continued getting product on schedule and at competitive prices—when other companies faced production shutdowns from lack of supply or defaults on supply commitments.

When you work with PLT on meeting your guar requirements, you're working with a strategic supply partner who can offer:

  • Perpetual inventory at multiple locations around the United States
  • Competitive pricing with a consistent strategic approach
  • The knowledge to work with you to choose the right grade and product
  • Support in qualifying different grades for your quality management process
  • Constant communication on market trends and ideas on how to maximize value


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