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Richard Bellas joins DFI as chief commercial officer

Engredea News  Analysis
Former PepsiCo executive Richard Bellas has moved to DFI, where he is the company's chief commercial officer.

Paul Magnotto, founder and CEO of Dynamic Food Ingredients (DFI), is scheduled to announce on Monday that Richard Bellas has joined the DFI team as the company’s chief commercial officer.

“We are delighted to have Richard on board … to lead the next phase of our journey, bringing DFI to life.  His 22 years of executive experience at PepsiCo in various senior management roles — packaging commercialization, global procurement based in Hong Kong and the U.S., and leading its Advertising and Marketing Global Procurement Center of Excellence —will help take us from development to the commercialization of our technology platform," Magnotto said. "One of Richard’s key responsibilities will be to coordinate and drive the growth of DFI with zero calories, great tasting sweeteners that do not contain any transgenic materials. He will bring enormous energy to growing our bioplastics and methionine lines of business as well.”

Bellas said, “We live in a time of highly connected and savvy consumers that are deeply concerned about obesity, diabetes, health and sustainability issues. ... DFI’s patented technologies break new ground that will allow economic efficiencies to deliver products that will have enormous consumer acceptance. This is an opportunity to address important challenges in new ways.”

Before Bellas was the vice president of global procurement at PepsiCo, he served the company as vice president of global packaging, and senior director of global procurement. Previously, he was the director of engineering and maintenance at Coca-Cola Enterprises, and team manager of operations and maintenance at Procter & Gamble, according to his LinkedIn profile.

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