Thorne Research, Itamar Medical form partnership

Thorne Research, Itamar Medical form partnership

Agreement includes marketing the EndoPAT and WatchPAT devices.

Thorne Research Inc., a leader in developing and manufacturing pure, high-quality nutritional supplements marketed through licensed health care practitioners, announced that the company has entered into a three-year non-exclusive co-marketing agreement with Itamar Medical Inc., to market Itamar's EndoPAT®, a unique, proprietary, FDA-cleared medical device for the assessment of arterial (endothelial) function, and WatchPAT®, a unique home-based sleep test to diagnose obstructive sleep apnea.

Under the agreement, Thorne Research will receive marketing rights for the EndoPAT and WatchPAT devices and related disposables (finger probes) in the United States. Thorne Research will incorporate EndoPAT and WatchPAT training materials into its training events for health care practitioners, which also provide information on its TruCardia line of nutritional supplement products to support cardiovascular health.

Paul Jacobson, CEO of Thorne Research and WellnessFX, said, "We are extremely excited to work with Itamar Medical to bring additional solutions to health care practitioners and their patients. Our practitioner network will now be able to provide patients with science-backed products based on their individual EndoPAT and WatchPAT test results. This will result in broader solutions through our practitioner network and WellnessFX. Our ultimate goal is to offer practitioners and patients a full diagnostic health dashboard and assume the leadership position in personalized medicine.”

Gilad Glick, CEO of Itamar Medical, said, "We are proud to have Thorne Research, a highly reputable industry innovator, as our first partner in reaching the integrative and naturopathic practitioner channels. With increasing numbers of leading practitioners adopting the EndoPAT device, and scientific publications demonstrating its importance in predicting future cardiac events beyond conventional tests and tools, the device is now ready for widespread clinical use. Thorne Research'sTruCardia line of nutritional supplements, backed by advanced scientific study, offers an exciting opportunity to improve prognosis by supporting endothelial function."

The Hypertension Institute, under the direction of Mark Houston MD, MS, MSc, and Thorne Research, have jointly developed the TruCardia line of nutritional supplements for the support of cardiovascular health. The Hypertension Institute and Thorne Research have now begun collaborating with Itamar to provide cardiovascular research services and clinical evaluation to health care practitioners for the early identification of cardiovascular issues that will direct optimal support and related therapies.

Dr. Houston stated, "EndoPAT is the most accurate non-invasive test to determine endothelial function and Thorne Research provides state-of-the-art metabolomics pathway analysis of nutrients. The combination of these modalities will dramatically improve the ability to support the cardiovascular health of patients, particularly endothelial and mitochondrial function. This new venture will also help health care professionals better detect and treat patients with reduced endothelial function, which is considered an early marker for atherosclerosis."

The TruCardia nutritional supplement product line was developed using the most advanced research technologies available for the support of cardiovascular health. A combination of peer-reviewed medical and scientific literature, metabolomics-based composition and molecular pathway analysis, clinical research, and expert insight was used to determine the range of ingredients and dosing levels to achieve optimal efficacy of the TruCardia nutritional supplement line.




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