Truvia meets more milestones

Truvia meets more milestones

Cargill, LAYN collaboration remains vibrant for 2013 and beyond.

LAYN USA, a subsidiary of Guilin LAYN Natural Ingredients Corp., announced that the parties have met the volume and revenue milestones set forth in its agreement with Cargill's Truvia® business for contract manufacturing Cargill's stevia leaf-based sweetener ingredients.

Under terms of the agreement, initiated in November 2011, LAYN is Cargill's exclusive partner for contract manufacturing stevia ingredients in China for use in Truvia® sweetener ingredient and consumer products.

"We're thrilled to maintain the agreement with Cargill specific to our stevia line of ingredients," said Chris Tower, president of LAYN USA, Inc. "The relationship has been a success and all agreement milestones were exceeded in 2012. The collaboration remains vibrant for 2013 and beyond."

LAYN USA and Cargill are on pace to meet milestone expectations for 2013. "LAYN continues to meet and deliver on Cargill's rigorous safety and quality requirements for production, allowing us to meet the standards of our largest multinational customers," said Scott Fabro, global business development manager for Cargill's health ingredients. "This partnership supports Cargill's objective of providing a broad range of sweetener options for food and beverage makers and consumers globally."


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