UNPA welcomes 10 Founding Associate Members

UNPA welcomes 10 Founding Associate Members

Ten companies become UNPA's first Associate Members to enjoy the same high level of exclusive benefits as Executive and Science & Technology Services members.

The United Natural Products Alliance (UNPA), an international association of forward-looking companies dedicated to providing consumers with natural health products of superior quality, benefit and reliability, is pleased to announce the membership of 10 companies as the organization’s first Founding Associate Members.

Joining UNPA as Founding Associate Members are:

  • Amin Talati LLC
  • Law Office of Holly Bayne
  • FDA Compliance Group
  • FDALabels.com
  • Healthy Bizz
  • Joy's Quality Management Systems
  • Reynolds Consulting
  • The Shelton Group
  • Brad Williams
  • Virgo Publishing

UNPA’s Associate Member category allows companies and individuals, such as regulatory consultancies, including GMP, NDI, GRAS, labeling, formulators, technical, research, and other legal, legislative and related service providers; law firms; PR and media agencies; financial and investment advisors; academic and teaching institutions; and other professional and advisory providers to contribute to the responsible and sustainable growth and professionalism of the natural and organic products industry.
“As the natural and organic products industry matures, aligning best-in-class service providers with the manufacturing and distribution side of the business has become crucial to maintain the growth, quality and integrity of the industry,” said Loren Israelsen, UNPA president.
“Being able to fully utilize the expertise and resources offered by these seasoned professionals, who provide quality services to match the capital investments in manufacturing, science and technology we’re seeing from our existing membership, is a high priority for UNPA. This in turn provides tremendous benefit to all UNPA members. We welcome these 10 new Founding Associate Member companies and look forward to a long and productive relationship with each of them as UNPA continues to expand,” he added.
UNPA Associate Member expertise is shared through engagement in the association’s educational events, committees, working groups and other forums and through networking, including with UNPA’s strategic and commercial partners.
UNPA also announced that prospective Associate Member companies that join the association by July 31 will become UNPA Founding Associate Members and will be able to display the UNPA “Founding Associate Member” logo. Associate Member candidate companies must be fully vetted and voted in by UNPA’s Membership Committee.
UNPA Associate Members enjoy the same high level of exclusive benefits as UNPA’s Executive and Science & Technology Services members, including:

  • UNPA’s legendary regulatory and legislative leadership and advocacy
  • Executive-level communications, including regular intelligence briefings and updates
  • Numerous topical education programs
  • Media monitoring, response and placements
  • Membership in UNPA’s state chapters, where available
  • Exclusive members-only online resources and access to complete archives at UNPA.com
  • Discounts to major industry trade shows, educational training events, seminars, and webinars, including with UNPA partner organizations, publications and other resources


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