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Wellmune WGP wins NBT award

Wellmune WGP wins NBT award
Immune health ingredient was recognized for its rigorous peer-reviewed, published clinical research backing.

Wellmune WGP®, the natural immune health ingredient for foods, beverages and supplements from Biothera, was awarded Outstanding Application in Health Management during the recent NBT Awards event at Vitafoods Europe in Geneva.

The winning entry focused on the rigorous peer-reviewed, published clinical research program for Wellmune that is unmatched by any other immune support ingredient available for functional foods and nutraceuticals. It conclusively demonstrates substantial scientific support for a health claim, based upon establishing a reproducible physical health benefit and correlating biomarkers.

"To win in a popular category, you have to present something outstanding,” said Kevin Robinson, head judge, NBT Awards. “Out of the shortlisted finalists, Biothera's nomination was the most convincing, offering clear and substantial benefits, strong, peer-reviewed evidence and good quality science.”

“We are gratified to receive this award in recognition of the proven health benefits that Wellmune can bring to a broad range of consumers through functional foods and nutraceuticals,” said Richard G. Mueller, CEO, Biothera. Mueller noted that Wellmune is ideal for boosting immunity every day year round and supports a wide range of immune health needs including year-round immune support, stress management, athletic performance, and energy and vitality.

“With our sole focus on immune health ingredients, Biothera is in a unique position to generate the data necessary to validate an immune health claim, having both the internal research expertise and collaborative research partnerships needed for a program of this magnitude,” added Mueller. The program has resulted in broad regulatory approval worldwide and a wider range of use occasions than is typical for immune-boosting ingredients.

The NBT Awards program recognizes and rewards excellence in R&D, marketing, business and technology throughout the nutraceutical, functional food and beverage industry. The mission is to deliver a set of benchmarks to a global audience to achieve significant developments in quality of service, health management, research, development and relationship management. The awards program is held annually during Vitafoods Europe.


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