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How to stay on top of your social media inbox

How to stay on top of your social media inbox
Customers want quick social media response. Here's how to keep up with the messages.

Are you missing your customers’ messages on social media? Unless you check your social media accounts every day, multiple times a day, you might not be impressing your customers with a speedy response to their inquiries.

Fortunately, no social media network is without numerous alert and notification settings. In fact, that’s often what makes social media so maddening! In this case, however, staying on top of private messages can make you stand out with shoppers. Here’s a cheat sheet for Facebook and Twitter to ensure your accounts are alerting you properly.

If you have a Facebook page:

Go to your Facebook page and click on Settings > Messages > Edit. On this page, ensure the box is checked to allow people to contact your page privately. Next, click on Notifications. Here you may choose to receive a notification every time the page gets a message, or receive page updates via individual emails or a daily email digest.

Also, if you are known personally as part of your brand, monitor your personal Facebook inbox by clicking on the “Other” tab. These notes will be from people you are not personally friends with, and are often not seen or read until months after the message was received. I speak from personal experience!

If you have a Twitter account:

A recent update to Twitter now allows anyone to send you a direct message, not only those you follow and who follow you. To set up your account to allow any user to send you a direct message (also known as a “DM”), log in to Twitter, click on Security and Privacy Settings and enable Direct Messages. This is especially helpful for privately addressing customer service problems. Most businesses instruct customers to “DM us your email address or phone number” to solve issues that need to be dealt with off Twitter.

To receive messages from Twitter, log in to your account, click on your profile icon and choose Settings. Click on Email Notifications and check the box next to “I’m sent a direct message.”

Have a Pinterest, Instagram or YouTube account?

Dig around in the settings area of each social media network to customize your notifications—and never miss another message.

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