Claire Morton

The Analyst’s Take: Snacks are the hottest category in functional foods

Twice each month our Nutrition Business Journal senior analyst provides insight on a new data point. Today's look, the fast-growing functional snacks category.

Functional salty snacks, chips and bars grew 11.6 percent in 2016, reaching $5.4 billion in annual sales. The category has the strongest growth projections in functional food and beverage, adding an estimated $4 billion in annual sales over the next five years. Functional food and beverage overall has had strong growth as consumers seek products with more bang for their buck. The snacks category is no exception. Consumers are eagerly seeking feel-good snack products with that added benefit.

Trending functional ingredients in this category in 2017 included hemp, turmeric, collagen and probiotic cultures. From bags of popcorn dusted with turmeric to chips made with fermented ingredients to protein bars with added probiotics, this category is seeing no shortage of interesting innovation.

See more in NBJ's 2017 Functional Food Data Guide.

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