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The Analyst's Take: Gummies are the most popular supplement format

Claire Morton
Supplement consumers in 2021 chose non-pill formats for 60% of their purchases, driving gummies sales to the top of the charts, according to Nutrition Business Journal.

While 2020 and 2021 were record years in many ways, when it comes to supplement delivery formats, 2019 was the record year: the first in which sales of non-pill formats, including gummies, powders and shots, eclipsed sales of pill formats. The gap between pill and non-pill market shares has been growing, and in 2021, pill format supplements made up 39.2% of total supplement sales compared with non-pill formats at 60.8%.


Gummy format supplements have been gaining the most attention, and for good reason. Sales surged ahead 74.8% in 2021, bringing the category to a record $12.97 billion in annual sales. Gummies are now the single largest format by market share with 21.3% of total sales, but still behind total combined pills (pills, softgels, capsules and pill packs). Notable acquisitions in the past few years have included SmartyPants and Olly, and Goli has gained significant attention and growth as well.

In Nutrition Business Journal's January 2022 survey of U.S. consumers, we also found that gummies, not surprisingly, are the preferred format for consumers (though not the top purchased, as the market data confirms). Gummies rank third when asked in what format consumers take their supplements, but first when asked what format they prefer. The data is clear that the supplement market is developing product to meet this demand and it is working.

 Gummies are the most popular supplement formatLearn more in NBJ's first Delivery Format Report, which covers market sizing, sales and growth across more than 10 formats.

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