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The power of analytics for new product innovation and success – download

The power of analytics for new product innovation and success – download
How in-depth retail and e-commerce analytics can help supplement and natural products brands lead the next wave of innovation to make new products successful.

It's a tough world for new and innovative ideas in a natural products market where the only constant is change. Nearly nine out of ten new consumer products flop. The solution? In-depth consumer e-commerce and retail data.

Having a wealth of retail analytics can give health and wellness brands the competitive edge they need when developing new products, which significantly increases the chance of success in the marketplace. Brick-and-mortar sales data just doesn't cut it anymore, which is why data with leading indicators, such as Amazon sales data, is essential to the natural products innovation and development process.

Check out this eGuide from ClearCut Analytics to learn about how good retail data and analytics give natural products and supplement brands a competitive head-start by enabling better predictions about the future of the market and revealing clearer paths to innovation.

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