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Top takeaways from the 2018 Condition Specific Report

Article-Top takeaways from the 2018 Condition Specific Report

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Supplements specific to the various ailments that challenge consumers comprise the largest meta-category in the industry. See what the data says about ongoing trends.

In Nutrition Business Journal's 2018 Condition Specific Report executives can track the top six nutrients for top conditions via past and forecast-based sales and growth. The report includes more than 100 data charts and 20 company profiles that will provide industry perspective and future insights.

Claire Morton, Nutrition Business Journal's senior industry analyst, offers these top takeaways from the report: 

•  Sports, Energy and Weight Management continues to hold the largest market share of any category, with nearly one-third of supplement industry sales
•  Cold, Flu and Immunity supplements had one of the strongest growth rates in 2017, at 9.5 percent, thanks to a rough and highly publicized flu season
•  Gut health continues to be a hot topic, with 8.2 percent growth, despite slowing growth in probiotics, interest in prebiotics and pre/probiotic formulas is gaining traction
•  Collagen is driving growth in beauty-from-within, growing from nearly 0 percent market share in 2013 to 7 percent market share in 2017

Fill out the form below to download the charts that these insights were derived from, and purchase the report here.

Download the top charts from the 2018 Condition Specific Report: 


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