Boulder Brands buys Level Life Foods

Boulder Brands buys Level Life Foods

Level is an up-and-coming company, approaching $1 million in sales, which provides great-tasting products to help daily management of diabetes.

Boulder Brands Inc. announced it acquired 80 percent of GlucoBrands, LLC, owner of Level Life Foods. Based in Colorado, Level is an up-and-coming company, approaching $1 million in sales, which provides great tasting products to help in the daily management of diabetes. Level’s first products, Level Life™ Glucose Gels, were launched in September of 2012 for use primarily by EMTs and type 1 diabetics to help correct low blood sugar level events. With the acquisition, Boulder Brands will launch Level’s next and primary line of products—bars and shakes—designed to help control carbohydrates, support healthy blood sugar levels and help satisfy hunger for those managing carbohydrate and sugar intake, including consumers who may be prediabetic or who already have type 2 diabetes.

Health organizations rank diabetes as a top health concern as there are currently 26 million people living with diabetes, and 80 million people with prediabetes, in the United States today. Level is uniquely positioned to harness the overwhelming need for better nutrition solutions for the diabetes epidemic by creating a compelling lifestyle brand that provides consumers with great tasting nutritional products that contain less carbohydrates and more protein and fiber than its competitors.

“We are excited to add Level to our health and wellness innovation platform as it will become our fourth category-elastic, need-state vertical brand, serving the diabetic consumer. Ultimately, Level will complement Smart Balance in heart health, Earth Balance in plant-based and Udi’s and Glutino in gluten-free. Diabetes is one of the largest and fastest growing need states in consumer foods today. However, it is an underserved market with few brands offering great tasting products with the optimal balance of sugar and carbohydrates. Level is market-ready and is currently launching four bars and four shakes. As with our other brands, category expansion opportunities are extensive, and we look forward to growing Level to a much larger brand in the future,” commented Steve Hughes, chairman and chief executive of Boulder Brands.”

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