SaltWorks strives for absolute perfection

SaltWorks strives for absolute perfection

After 12 years of industry experience, SaltWorks set out to further perfect its Himalayan pink salt before it reaches customers’ tables.

After 12 years of industry experience, SaltWorks set out to further perfect its Himalayan pink salt before it reaches customers’ tables.

Himalayan pink salt appears in every niche of the culinary world—from grocery shelves and packaged snacks to the delectable sprinkle on top of chocolates. For centuries, culinary and health experts have been singing its praises for the rich mineral composition, full flavor, potential health benefits and sheer beauty. Already one of the purest salts on Earth, how can SaltWorks make something so near perfect, more perfect?

SaltWorks has developed a proprietary technology that ensures each package contains only the purest, unadulterated crystals, setting the highest standard in the market. But that’s not where the quality assurance begins. It starts with finding the right supplier.

All Himalayan salt derives from Pakistan, however quality varies depending on the supplier used. SaltWorks only sources Himalayan pink salt from the Himalayan Mountain Range in Northern Pakistan—considered the premium location for salt. Their well-respected and reputable supplier is registered with the FDA and family owned.    

Only one of every 20 tons of harvested Himalayan pink salt earns the Ancient Ocean label. Large salt chunks are hand sorted for color and high mineral content. This initial screening guarantees that SaltWorks receives only the best.

Packed inside specially made, air tight, one-ton super sacks, SaltWorks transports the raw salt from the mine to its factory in Woodinville, Wash.

To ensure ultimate purity, the raw salt runs through a proprietary combination of sifters, aspirators, rare-earth magnets, and metal detectors to prepare the salt for its final process: optical cleaning.

SaltWorks inspects every single grain of Ancient Ocean salt using a proprietary Optically Clean technology. With high-definition color CCD cameras and a very fast computer processor, color sorters detect micro defects in the salt crystals and remove them with a single blast of air. Only the flawless salt proceeds—beautiful, and ready for the SaltWorks stamp of approval. “We’ve got an amazing team dedicated to perfection. It’s apparent in our process and especially our result,” remarked Mark Zoske, CEO of SaltWorks.

After investing millions into these state-of-the-art optical sorters, kosher certified Ancient Ocean Himalayan Pink Salt boasts unrivaled quality and value.

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