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[email protected]: CBC says report on supplements was based on faulty test results | Americans ditch the diet products

5@5: CBC says report on supplements was based on faulty test results | Americans ditch the diet products
Each day at 5 p.m. we collect the five top natural news headlines of the day, making it easy for you to catch up on today's most important natural products industry news.

CBC retracts supplement report

An episode of a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation program called "Marketplace" that aired in November presented incorrect information about vitamins and supplements, according to the network. The program had products tested by LabDoor and reported that Emergen-C contained less vitamin C than the label suggested, and that GNC Lean Shake 25 and Cytosport Muscle Milk appeared to be spiked with fillers. But follow-up tests revealed no problems with those products. Read more at CBC...


Diet foods are tanking. So the diet industry is now selling 'health'

Consumers are no longer dieting in the traditional sense. That is, they're not buying products specific to programs like Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers or Atkins, according to analysts at Mintel, so companies are trying to reframe them with labels and nutrition claims. Read more at NPR...

The University of Maryland has a burgeoning chocolate-milk concussion scandal on its hands

In December, the university put out a press release regarding research one of its professors had conducted that supposedly found that fortified chocolate milk helped young football players "improve their cognitive and motor function over the course of a season, even after experiencing concussions.” When word got out and reporters tried to follow up, they found a disturbing lack of evidence around those claims. Read more at NYMag...


Bill proposed pesticide-free marijuana labeling program in Colorado

Marijuana can't use the term organic because it's regulated by the USDA, and it's illegal under federal law. But HB16-1079, proposed Wednesday in the Colorado state legislature, calls on the state Department of Agriculture to create a program under which companies would certify that cannabis is grown without pesticides. Read more at The Denver Post...


Why seed company mergers matter in a warming world

Aside from big economic impacts, recent M&A developments in the agrochemical industry could impact genetic diversity of crops, and research. Read more at Civil Eats...

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