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5@5: Vermont senators push back against DARK Act | Supplement or drug? 1 ingredient, 2 approaches

Each day at 5 p.m. we collect the five top natural news headlines of the day, making it easy for you to catch up on today's most important natural products industry news.

Sanders launches final push to derail Senate GMO bill

The Vermont senator has been vocal about his opposition the so-called DARK Act, which would preempt the state's mandatory GMO labeling efforts. This week he distributed a letter to his colleagues in the Senate urging them to oppose the bill and instead support amendments that would make federal law more akin to Vermont's law. Read more at Vermont Press Bureau...


The weird business behind a trendy "anti-aging" pill

Nicotinamide riboside—it's a chemical being explored for its potential in the anti-aging market, and two companies are taking two different approaches to commercialization. ChromaDex is seeking FDA approval for a drug featuring the ingredient, while Elysium Health is marketing it as a science-based supplement (which, interestingly, doesn't actually have that much science behind it). Read more at Wired...

Famous Italian chef takes campaign against food waste to Rio Olympics

Massimo Bottura, with the help of sponsors and supporters, is setting up a dining hall in Rio de Janeiro to turn leftover food from the Olympic Village into free meals for people in low-income urban areas there. Read more at Huffington Post...


Online grocery services adjust amid competition

Some of the companies in this crowded market have made some tweaks to their models to try to stay ahead. Read more at Business Insider...


Kellogg's cereal as dining event? Welcome to the experience economy

Here's a new concept: A restaurant that serves fancified cereal along with little surprise extras. The associate director of brand marketing for Kellogg's new restaurant in Times Square is calling it "story-doing"—creating an interactive experience around certain foods in need of revitalization. Read more at The Wall Street Journal...

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