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[email protected]: Nature Made donates supplements to Flint residents | Spotlight on fair trade fashion

5@5: Nature Made donates supplements to Flint residents | Spotlight on fair trade fashion
Each day at 5 p.m. we collect the five top natural news headlines of the day, making it easy for you to catch up on today's most important natural products industry news.

Nature Made donates vitamin C and calcium to Michigan residents potentially exposed to lead poisoning

Nature Made has donated more than 9 million tablets of vitamin C and calcium — nutrients thought to reduce lead absorption — to Children's Dream Center in Flint. Read more at Feed the Children...


You are what you wear: A look into the importance of fair trade fashion

Successes stories like those of Patagonia and MEC may inspire more clothing brands to become fair trade certified. In an industry where low wages and poor working conditions are all too commonplace, fair trade establishes a 300-point standards system to ensure safe workplace conditions, hours, breaks, wages and more. Read more at Huffington Post Canada...

Instagram's new algorithm means the free ride may be over for brands

Based on what happened with Facebook when it refined its algorithm, some influencers and brands are getting nervous that the new Instagram algorithm may keep some followers from seeing their posts. Instagram, however, says it's not intended to encourage businesses to buy ads instead. "Content from brands is more likely to appear higher in the feed for people who find it most interesting," a spokesperson said. Read more at Re/code...


The food movement makes room for young lawyers to make changes

A cultural move toward "natural" is generating more interest in the field of food law — that is, lawyers who can help farmers navigate, for example, the landscape of raw milk, or better understand land laws. A number of interesting initiatives are under way to help train young people and serve farmers and other food producers. Read more at Edible Manhattan...


Another nation trims meat from diet advice

After concluding last year that people and the environment benefited from lower meat consumption, the Netherlands Nutrition Centre said this week that people should eat only two servings of meat per week. The U.K. also recently recommended less red and processed meat in diets. Read more at National Geographic...

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