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[email protected]: Pollan talks gluten — again | Pesticide sprayer headed to Colorado jail

[email protected]: Pollan talks gluten — again | Pesticide sprayer headed to Colorado jail

Each day at 5 p.m. we collect the five top natural news headlines of the day, making it easy for you to catch up on today's most important natural products industry news.

Gluten, organics, psychedelics and more: Our 15-minute chat with Michael Pollan

Michael Pollan is teaching a UC Berkeley course, Edible Education; traveling the food and farming lecture circuit; and promoting two documentaries he helped produce. Read more at Modern Farmer ...


Colorado rancher jail-bound for spraying pesticides to protect wife from mosquitoes

A battle between neighbors — one who had West Nile virus, another with leukemia — over the spraying of pesticides that drifted onto an organic farm has led to one man being sentenced to two days in jail. Read more at The Denver Post ...

Cage-free eggs present food safety challenge in Missouri

The FDA's concerns regarding the Good Earth Egg Co. include significant food safety problems that come up with “cage-free” eggs, such as contaminated, filthy conditions with no measures to control the spread of Salmonella enteritis. Read more at Food Safety News ...


Time to rethink your vegetable oil?

Risk of heart disease and diabetes may be lowered by a diet higher in a lipid found in grapeseed and other oils, but not in olive oil, a new study suggests. However, cooking oils rich in linoleic acid have been disappearing from grocery shelves. Read more at Science Daily ...


Out of shape at 18, at risk for future diabetes

Both low aerobic capacity and low muscle strength at 18 were associated with a higher risk for Type 2 diabetes; having both more than tripled the risk. Read more at The New York Times ...

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