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[email protected]: USDA pledges $72 million to support soil health, carbon sequestration | The lowdown on vitamin D

5@5: USDA pledges $72 million to support soil health, carbon sequestration | The lowdown on vitamin D
Each day at 5 p.m. we collect the five top natural news headlines of the day, making it easy for you to catch up on today's most important natural products industry news.

Agriculture secretary Vilsack announces Climate Smart Agriculture and Forestry results, additional $72.3 million soil health investment to support Paris agreement

During a speech on climate at the Center for America Progress in D.C., the head of the USDA announced a new $72.3 million investment to boost carbon storage in healthy soils by "providing the necessary tools and resources called for under the President's Climate Action Plan so producers and landowners can successfully create economic opportunity and provide the food, fiber and energy needs of a growing global population." Read more at USDA...


The weird history of vitamin D--and what it actually has to do with sun

Did you know that there are theories that some dinosaurs died out because they couldn't produce enough vitamin D to survive? Here's the story of how and why the body makes the vitamin, and how we came to understand it. Read more at The Washington Post...

Bayer said to explore bid for $40 million seed company Monsanto

Sources say the German firm has been meeting with advisors to consider acquiring its American competitor. But such a deal would attract regulatory scrutiny, as it would create the world’s largest seed and farm chemicals supplier. Read more at Bloomberg...


Raise the roof: Urban farms expand up, in, and around

Urban farming can bring fresh food into place where it's needed and build community, but a new study suggests that it's not as much a solution to hunger as we might think. Read more at National Geographic...


The seeds will save us: How an army of ocean farmers are starting an economic revolution

A fisherman tells the story of his search for sustainability. Read more at Medium...

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