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[email protected]: Big Beverage bets on cold-brew coffee | New non-GE label includes animal welfare standards

5@5: Big Beverage bets on cold-brew coffee | New non-GE label includes animal welfare standards
Each day at 5 p.m. we collect the five top natural news headlines of the day, making it easy for you to catch up on today's most important natural products industry news.

A new non-GMO label joins the fray

The 'Certified Non-GE' label for farmers, ranchers and food producers is administered by A Greener World, the organization behind the Animal Welfare Approved program. It means that products are produced without the use of genetically engineered feed, supplements and ingredients, but also that the animals are raised and slaughtered according to certain animal welfare and environmental standards. Read more at Modern Farmer...


Cold coffee is booming in the U.S.

Coke, Dr. Pepper and other big beverage companies are getting into the ready-to-drink bottled and canned coffee business as the category grows by double digits annually and evolves. Read more at Bloomberg...

This startup that's looking to disrupt 'convenience food' just landed a deal with Whole Foods

From its direct-to-consumer beginnings, Hungryroot is growing into retail—specifically, into Whole Foods. The company makes ready-to-cook products like packaged spiralized vegetables and veggie-filled desserts. Read more at Business Insider...


A clever tweak to how apples are sold is making everyone eat more of them

Slicing fruit is an easy—and super effective—way to get kids to eat more fruit, according to a group of Cornell researchers. That's why more schools and foodservice operations are serving them. About 5 percent of all apples sold are sliced, including nearly 250 million packages of apple slices served by McDonalds last year. Read more at The Washington Post...


Amberen must stop claiming menopause supplement is 'proven' to cause weight loss

FTC sued Lunada last year over the company's claims that its menopause supplement is "clinically proven" to ease many menopause symptoms and cause significant weight loss. Now, the company has settled for $250,000 and the promise that it will not make such claims without scientific evidence. Read more at Consumerist... 

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