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5@5: Organic Valley CEO on success as a mission-based business | Calories, waste and emissions

Five things the natural products industry needs to know today.

Meet the reluctant CEO at the helm of a billion-dollar co-op

George Siemon, the longtime CEO of Organic Valley, has been doing organic dairy since before it was cool. And the co-op makes for quite a success story—last year, it surpassed $1 billion in revenue. "One of the surprising things that made us a success was that we immediately partnered with conventional agriculture." he says. Read more at Conscious Company Magazine...


The U.S. is now eating and wasting twice as much food as it did in 1975

The average American eats 24 percent more calories now than in 1975, according to new data from the USDA. What's equally alarming, though, is that the data suggests that the U.S. food supply would support 4,000 calories per person per day. That points to both our food waste and greenhouse gas emissions problems. Read more at The Atlantic...


A long-term streak: Americans won't eat their vegetables

Americans, apparently, aren't taking the age-old advice to eat their veggies. Vegetable consumption fell 8 percent between 2004 and 2014. But the good news is that, while once-staples like potatoes, head lettuce and corn are losing ground, nutrient-rich veggies like bell peppers, sweet potatoes, dark-green and leafy plants are on the rise. Read more at Fern's Ag Insider...


Campbell soup CEO: I am 'disappointed' by lackluster Campbell fresh business

Its new Campbell Fresh division didn't perform as well as expected in the fourth quarter, Campbell's said, which was a factor in its near-flat quarter. Declines in carrot sales and a voluntary recall of its Bolthouse Farms Protein Plus drinks contributed. But CEO Denise Morrison said the company remains confident in its strategy. Read more at Forbes...


Gatorade goes organic as PepsiCo joins natural-ingredient push

Kroger will carry organic varieties of the strawberry, lemon and mixed berry Gatorade flavors for $1.69—50 cents more than a traditional bottle of Gatorade goes for. Read more at

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