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Consumers no longer tolerate a food system that hides ingredients and makes questionable health claims.

New Hope Network staff

February 21, 2022

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New Hope Network's editorial staff, in concert with the NEXT Data & Insights team, have identified the key macro forces driving food trends in the United States. In the 2022 Guidebook we have connected these macro forces and hot trends, as well as the newest exhibitors and fresh brands to help you meet consumers' needs. Learn more about the Guidebook and purchase your copy here.

Today's consumers want to know what is in the food they eat, where it comes from and how it got to their kitchens.

Many food companies, particularly those in the natural space, are bypassing the traditional food supply chain in favor of creating relationships with farmers, eliminating middlemen and empowering the people behind their labels.

These four trends constitute the macro force Ensuring Consumer Trust:

  • Transparency—Brands are providing the truth about their ingredients, processing and sourcing methods. And when they need to improve in specific arenas, they acknowledge it.

  • Verification—Brands are holding themselves accountable, using third-party testing and certifications to back their claims—and providing that information to consumers.

  • Traceability—Consumers want to see for themselves that brands are non-GMO, certified organic or using a particular type of product. Setting up identity preservation techniques that track these ingredients from farm to processing to retailers gives consumers the information they seek.

  • Clean Label—No one wants to see unpronounceable, unnatural ingredients on the labels of their food. Brands are reformulating their products to simplify their ingredient lists and reassure consumers they are eating real food.

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