Summer: Time to fire up the grill and dine outside. But what can plant-based eaters enjoy? These seven alternative proteins will please every vegan's palate.

Gianna Rosenbach, Content Creator, CPG and Digital

June 15, 2023

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While grilling has traditionally been synonymous with meat-heavy menus, the growing popularity of plant-based diets has paved the way for an exciting realm of vegan grilling. Gone are the days when vegans were limited to side salads while their carnivorous counterparts relished in the smoky flavors of grilled meats.

Recent research by MIDDS confirms that the plant-based food market continues to thrive, driven by the growing demand from health-conscious Gen Z consumers. This socially conscious and digitally savvy generation is motivated by concerns about their own health as well as commitments to animal welfare and the environment. Following a vegan or mostly plant-based diet offers an opportunity to combat rising obesity rates and chronic health conditions while promoting sustainable food choices.

Among the vegan Gen Z population, 70% say they are committed to maintain their meat-free diets and animal-products-free lifestyles. Undoubtedly, the primary obstacle vegans face is that 37% experience cravings for non-vegan foods. Conversely, among non-vegans, more than half admit their strongest barrier to embracing veganism is their desire for meat.

As vegan food and beverage options become more sophisticated, they are more likely to satisfy consumers who are hestitant to give up meat's sustenance and flavor. The burgeoning market for meat substitutes, valued at over $10 billion, is revolutionizing the vegan BBQ experience. Plant-based options are finding space on the grill, so take a look at these seven main dishes your shoppers will love.


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