Paul Stamets on the future of mushroom mycelium at Expo East

In his Supplements Symposium keynote, mycologist Paul Stamets discussed how mushrooms can improve human health. Watch the event on demand.

New Hope Network staff

October 10, 2023

56 Min View

Paul Stamets is a renowned mycologist who recently published a study on the neuroregenerative potential of microdosing psilocybin; has written seven books; a TED Talk speaker; and the holder of more than 20 patents for mushroom-related technology.

In addition, Stamets has been honored with two namesakes: a Star Trek:Discovery astromycologist TV character, played by Rent star Anthony Rapp, and, more recently, a new psilocybin mushroom species (Psilocybe stametsii).

And at Natural Products Expo East's Supplement Symposium, he received Nutrition Business Journal's Lifetime Achievement Award. However, his work has built on millennia of history: Archeological evidence highlights human use of mushrooms to fuel journeys of physical and spiritual healing for at least 2,000 years, from Egypt to the Aztek Empire.

Today, 45 years after Stamets published his first book about psilocybe mushrooms, science and society are finally catching up. Recent research exploring the healing potential for psilocybin mushrooms and the immune-boosting possibilities for mycelia is stunning.

Listen to this exclusive interview with Paul Stamets on The Natural List, a New Hope Network podcast.

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