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Saturday Editors Picks

Smarter Starter Fuel, a new product at Expo, is a vegetable oil- and alcohol-based lighter fluid with no kerosene. The days of cooking petrochemical-flavored burgers are gone forever!

* What are NFM editors munching on in the press room? Food Should Taste Good chips: The Yello Corn chips really taste like yellow corn. Sweet potato? Really tastes like sweet potato. These things are rocking our world on day three.

* Biopiracy: Ripping off native people for their natural resources. (Bad.)

* "Anything that's popular gets made into a diet. Acai is no more of a diet than the eraser on your No. 2 pencil." --Chris Kilham, ethnobotanist and Expo speaker.

Suzann’e Ricemellow Crème is a substitute for conventional whipped marshmallow products, made of brown rice syrup with a bit of soy and natural flavorings. A delicious addition to hot chocolate during the cold months of winter.

Tibet Collection may have the only Christmas decorations on the show floor, a line of hand-made ornaments from Nepal under the Fair Trade Holiday label.

A perennial fixture on the show floor and still one of the most colorful booths around, African Market Baskets fund healthcare and education in Africa.

Ramakrishnananda’s Gifts has created a line of resin incense with a different formulation for each chakra.

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