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25-year cardiology study links prehypertension in young adults to heart problems later in life

25-year cardiology study links prehypertension in young adults to heart problems later in life
MegaNatural-BP stresses the need to educate young people about proven proactive measures for maintaining their blood pressure within the healthy range

Harvard Health Publications recently reported results of the 25-year Coronary Artery Risk Development in Young Adults (CARDIA) study, which connects the dots between long-term exposure to elevated blood pressure levels and left ventricular heart dysfunction later in life. “These cumulative results are strong incentive for our industry to take immediate action. An estimated 90 million Americans have prehypertension. This is an epidemic. We have developed a systematic science to easily empower people to be proactive about preserving their heart health,” stated Polyphenolics President Dr. Anil Shrikhande. Polyphenolics produces and markets the multi-patented MegaNatural-BP, a premium grape seed extract shown in three clinical studies to support healthy blood pressure within the normal range with no adverse side effects.

CARDIA study details

The CARDIA study, conducted by researchers at multiple locations including Johns Hopkins University, Northwestern University, University of Minnesota and the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, followed nearly 2,500 healthy men and women from early adulthood (ages 18 to 30), for 25 years. The results, just published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, revealed that those whose blood pressure was in the prehypertension range – between 120/80 and 139/89 – while they were still under 30, were more likely to have signs of heart dysfunction when they reached middle age. Specifically, they were at higher risk of developing problems with their heart’s left ventricle.

Shrikhande explains,“It takes quite a bit of time to see the benefits of most non-pharmaceutical measures known to improve prehypertension and hypertension, such as reducing sodium intake, losing weight and increasing exercise. The public needs to know that we now have a breakthrough, clinically proven way to support healthy blood pressure that is effective within a matter of weeks.” 

MegaNatural-BP premium grape seed extract improves blood vessel elasticity 

Polyphenolics is the only company in North America which has scientifically developed a purified grape seed extract branded as MegaNatural-BP, which has four U.S. patents and numerous worldwide patents issued, has been heavily researched both in the lab and in double-blind, placebo-controlled human clinical trials. With each trial, results confirmed its ability to manage prehypertension in at-risk subjects susceptible to cardiovascular disorders.

These studies have clearly shown that the polyphenols found in MegaNatural-BP may maintain the natural, supple elasticity of healthy blood vessels, contributing to a healthy cardiovascular system and maintain ideal blood pressure. “If you’re already off track, this is just one capsule a day, which after six weeks will likely produce an improvement,” says Shrikhande. Highlights from these human clinical trials include:

  • UC Davis study, published in Metabolism Clinical and Experimental, 2009: At the end of four weeks, both 150 mg and 300 mg dosages of MegaNatural-BP were found to help maintain blood pressure levels (both systolic and diastolic) within the normal range. A dose of 300mg maintains blood pressure and also minimizes oxygen stress.
  • UC Davis study, published in Journal of Pharmacy and Nutrition Sciences, 2012: At the end of eight weeks, 300 mg of MegaNatural-BP was found to help maintain blood pressure levels (both systolic and diastolic) within the normal range.
  • UC Davis/Institute for Food Safety and Health at the Illinois Institute of Technology study: After six weeks of consuming in a beverage, the blood pressure of study participants in the MegaNatural-BP beverage group had dropped to normal ranges. But four weeks after the study, without consuming MegaNatural-BP, their blood pressure had risen back to prehypertension range.

In South Korea, researchers have been monitoring hypertensive men, average age 60 years, who are taking MegaNatural-BP. “MegaNatural-BP is performing well when arteries develop stiffness. The results at young adulthood may provide much more relaxation of arteries resulting in better maintenance of blood pressure,” comments Shrikhande.

This breakthrough ingredient has already found its way into many products

“We need very small amounts of grape seed extract, only about 300 mg/day,” advised Shrikhande. MegaNatural-BP is already an ingredient in numerous prevention formulas, including well-known brands such as GNC, Healthy Origins, Now Foods and Swanson. It is also now available in many sports nutrition formulas by GNC.

One attractive alternative to taking a capsule is to consume MegaNatural-BP in a beverage. “New beverages are being formulated by well-known companies in the industry,” confirmed Shrikhande. “MegaNatural-BP can also be added into food products,” noted Shrikhande.

Polyphenolics controls the entire manufacturing process

Polyphenolics, a division of Constellation Brands, is dedicated to sustainable farming and processing practices. From the vineyards to the finished material, the company goes beyond federally mandated traceability requirements, documenting all aspects of growing, treating and processing the grapes. A patented hot-water extraction process is used to remove polyphenols from the seeds. Because water is the only solvent used, there is little-to-no environmental footprint.  

MegaNatural-BP has been the subject of two published safety studies and has received FDA No-Objection GRAS status. Millions of capsules have been sold since 2006 providing further evidence of its safety and efficacy.

Make the comparison

Healthcare professionals, including alternative health expert Bryce Wylde, have closely scrutinized Polyphenolics’ research and quality. He notes that, “Other manufacturers of grape seed extracts have variability of seed source, lack standardization and don’t show any specific health benefits. Polyphenolics uses only its own abundant supply of quality U.S.-grown grapes, and retains complete control over the entire manufacturing process from the initial selection of wine grapes and seed collection to the final extraction of the finished material.”

He adds, “MegaNatural-BP’s low molecular weight makes it dramatically easier for your body to absorb than other grape seed extract brands.”

Concludes Shrikhande, “Science has finally confirmed what we have suspected for a long time: The idea that slightly above-normal blood pressure range is okay and doesn’t require action is simply not true. Young people could start taking a premium, clinically studied grape seed extract such MegaNatural-BP once a day to maintain healthy blood pressure. In fact, anyone who has prehypertension, and those with a family history, could be adding this to their daily regimen. In addition to diet and lifestyle modifications, I am excited to offer an effective tool, MegaNatural-BP, that people can take in the morning to support normal blood pressure now for a healthier future.” 


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