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[email protected]: Argan oil moves into the food aisle | Judge stalls CA's efforts to put warning labels on glyphosate

Thinkstock Made from the nuts of a Moroccan tree species argan oil contains twice as much vitamin E as olive oil Like other antioxidants vitamin E slows the damaging effects of free radicals Another boon for argan Itrsquos rich in squalene a compound that promotes collagen production
Each day at 5 p.m. we collect the five top food and supplement headlines of the day, making it easy for you to catch up on today's most important natural products industry news.

Argan oil is the latest hard-to-find ingredient chefs are reaching for

Usually, it's healthy food ingredients that become trendy cosmetic ingredients—think green tea and turmeric. But this ingredient has crossed the aisle the other way. Long used in beauty products, argan oil is now finding traction in the culinary world. Unlike argan oil used for cosmetics, the oil used for eating comes from kernels within the nut that are roasted and pressed. It imparts a slightly smoky, rich earthy flavor and, nutritionally, has been associated with helping control cholesterol and arthritis. Chefs are using it on select foods like fish and dressings, though its high price tag has put limits on its adoption in the food world. Read more at Bloomberg…


Judge halts California plan to require glyphosate cancer warnings

A federal district judge temporarily blocked efforts by California’s Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment to include glyphosate on the state’s list of chemicals known to cause cancer, which would require cancer warnings on products. In court documents filed Monday, the judge wrote that there’s a “heavy weight of evidence” that glyphosate doesn’t cause cancer. It’s a win for Monsanto, which sued the state in November to stop the warnings. Read more at Reuters…


You’ll soon be seeing this new certification label on the food you buy. Here’s why

As the aforementioned debate over the safety (or not) of glyphosate continues, farmers and food businesses are turning to a new certification to show consumers that they are glyphosate-free. Read more at Inc…


These alternative nut butters will spruce up that boring PB&J

With peanut allergies on the rise, more schools are banning them to prevent kids with severe allergies from having a reaction. That’s given way to a host of alternatives like almond and cashew butters, which can now be found in natural and conventional grocers alike. Read more at Washington Post…


From father to son, Rollingreens continues serving Colorado healthy snacks

After a 10-year stint as a personal chef, Ryan Cunnigham and his wife started up a food truck they named after one his parents had decades before. Rollingreens launched in 2015, and one of its most popular creations were tater tots made from millet instead of potatoes. They were so popular, in fact, that when the pair retired the food truck, they launched millet tots as a frozen product in stores. And they’re nominated for a NEXTY Award at this year’s Natural Products Expo West. Read more at Westword…

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