Nutrition Facts panel on packaged food

5@5: FDA delays nutrition facts panel updates | Organic baby food delivery is now a thing

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FDA delays revamped nutrition facts panel

Companies will no longer have to comply with the new nutrition facts label requirements by July 26 2018, as the FDA said it plans to give companies more time—although it didn't specify exactly how much time. The Obama administration proposed changes to nutrition facts label last year that would make calorie counts on packaged products more prominent and serving sizes more realistic, and require food and drink makers to disclose how much added sugar is in their products. The food industry has been pushing the new administration to delay implementation; many companies, however, have already outlined plans to roll out the new label on their products. Read more at Chicago Tribune...


A startup for millennial parents is banking on a $55 billion food opportunity no one talks about

The baby food category has been disrupted over the last decade, with organic and refrigerated options emerging as well as a new class of food delivery startups. Yumi is a subscription service that delivers upscale baby food developed alongside a nutritionist to members on a weekly basis. All of its products are USDA Organic, and meals generally fall between $6 and $8, depending on the plan. It's currently available only in California, but has plans to expand in the future. Yumi's raised more than $4 million in funding from some big-name venture capitalists. But it's not the only one competing in this market—Little Spoon started in New York last year, while Raised Real operates more as a baby meal kit company. Read more at Business Insider...


Grocery CEOs take pay cut as industry continues to struggle

Bonuses for the chief executives at the 10 largest U.S. grocers dropped 40 percent in 2016, an analysis by ISS Analytics found. Another firm noted that average base pay for food retail executives has dropped, too. Could this make it hard for the struggling industry to retain the talent it needs? Read more at Food Dive...


To create a carbon-neutral restaurant, first you have to measure the footprint

The Sustainable Restaurant Group commissioned Blue Star Integrative Studio to create a way to deeply track restaurant operation and supply chain emissions, and compare them to competitors in the same field. The hope is that customers will begin to factor emissions into their decisions on where to eat. Read more at Fast Company...


Levi's Stadium rooftop garden: Urban farming hits new heights

The San Francisco 49ers are the first NFL team to boast a rooftop garden. It's 6,500 square feet and grows kale, arugula, lettuces and herbs. Read more at Monterey Herald...

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