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[email protected]: A food industry divided | Overnight oats in the Shark Tank

Thinkstock Regardless of the hottest natural food and beverage trends there are products that continue to show up in our shopping carts week after week Here from organic sriracha to nonGMO kombucha to glutenfree pizza crust find the best natural product staples that we cant live without  After all if it aint broke dont fix it
Each day at 5 p.m. we collect the five top food and supplement headlines of the day, making it easy for you to catch up on today's most important natural products industry news.

The big Washington food fight

The food industry is divided on how to react to changing consumer demands for healthier, fresher, more transparently marketed products—and that’s caused some turmoil for the Grocery Manufacturing Association, the food industry’s most powerful lobbying group. Campbell Soup Co., Nestle and Dean Foods have all said they are leaving GMA. Some member companies have publicly disagreed with its position on heated issues like GMO labeling and the addition of added sugars to the Nutrition Facts panel. As small and upstart brands continue to capture more market share and consumer interest, will associations like GMA become obsolete? Read more at Politico…


Mush Foods on ‘Shark Tank’: A look inside the all natural oatmeal that’s served cold

With an interesting—albeit accurate—choice of name, Mush Foods won over investor Mark Cuban on Shark Tank and accepted his offer of a $300,000 investment for 10 percent ownership. Mush makes ready-to-eat overnight oatmeal packs made without heat pasteurization, preservatives or added sugar, and sold in the refrigerated section. Ready more at Heavy…


New owners of Mother’s Market adding first 2 Los Angeles stores, selling beer and wine

The popular California organic grocer will expand outside of Orange County next year. Mill Road Capital, the private equity firm that bought a majority stake in Mother’s last year, has said it plans to open one or two new stores a year, depending on real estate options. It’s also added beer and wine sales at most of the existing seven stores this year. Read more at The Orange County Register...


How closing grocery stores perpetuate food deserts long after they’re gone

Some grocery stores place deed restrictions on properties to ensure that other supermarkets can’t move into the space once they’re gone. They may do that to limit competition so that customers continue to shop at another location of its own chain. Some cities ban this type of restriction; others have tried unsuccessfully to fight it. Read more at Fast Company…


Cinnamon may help attack fat, fight obesity, study finds

In a new study published in the journal Metabolism, researchers found that an essential oil in cinnamon, cinnamaldehyde, stimulated human fat cells to burn energy. Read more at USA Today…

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