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5@5: Hepatitis A cases linked to Detroit Whole Foods | A case study on working with brand ambassadors

5@5: Hepatitis A cases linked to Detroit Whole Foods | A case study on working with brand ambassadors

Each day at 5 p.m. we collect the five top food and supplement headlines of the day, making it easy for you to catch up on today's most important natural products industry news.

2 Hepatitis A cases linked to Whole Foods in Detroit

The Detroit Health Department is investigating two cases of the virus suspected to be linked to the prepared foods section at Whole Foods Market. A spokewoman for the retailer said when an employee informed the store of a Hepatitis A diagnosis, the company immediately contacted the health department and had a full inspection of the store. Read more at The Detroit News...


Buying influence to boost sales can be a solid strategy for natural food brands

For small natural brands looking for affordable ways to reach their target demographic, working with influencers can be an appealing option. Here's a case study on how Koa Organic Beverages found success working with brand ambassadors. Read more at Forbes...


Sacramento Natural Foods Co-Op leaving decades-old store for spacious new digs

The co-op outgrew its space on Alabama Boulevard and is moving to a two-story building with an in-house bakery, deli, pizza bar and butcher. Read more at CBS Sacramento...


One man's journey from industrial factory farmer to sustainable, regenerative farmer

Take a look at the journey of Will Harris, a Georgia "commodity cowboy" who transitioned his family farm to one that focuses on sustainability, animal welfare and environmental stewardship. Read more at Alternet...


How Copia CEO Komal Ahmad is using technology to reduce food waste

Like Uber for food waste, Copia helps redistribute food that would otherwise be wasted through an app that dispatches drivers to pick up excess food from local businesses and deliver it to aid organizations. Read more at Fast Company...

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