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[email protected]: Tyson, JBS complaint alleges violation of Civil Rights Act | Recalibrating the food supply chain

[email protected]: Tyson, JBS complaint alleges violation of Civil Rights Act | Recalibrating the food supply chain

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As coronavirus ravaged meatpackers, minorities bore the brunt. Now worker groups say Tyson and JBS violated the Civil Rights Act

A new civil rights complaint alleges that meat industry titans Tyson and JBS failed to prevent COVID-19 outbreaks among their largely Latinx and Black workforces, which the complaint says amounts to racial discrimination. Data has shown that Blacks and Latinos are more likely to suffer seriously from COVID-19 and also have a higher risk of contracting the virus. Read more at The Washington Post


Americans tear up old eating habits, forcing farmers to raze crops

Sudden and unexpected changes with regard to consumer purchasing behavior has upended the global food supply chain, with many saying these changes will become permanent. In America the avoidance of eating out and increase in at-home cooking has forced growers expecting consistent demand from restaurants to destroy crops and suppliers to repackage and sell their perishable goods in wholly new markets. Read more at Bloomberg


Governments’ dietary guidelines are harming the planet, study finds

Scientists have concluded that governments on a global scale are harming the environment and peoples' health because they shy away from putting limits on meat and dairy consumption. Because governments buy the bulk of food that is served in schools, universities and hospitals, any action on a federal level will have an enormous impact on public health. Read more at The Guardian


New study looks at selling seafood grown from cells

Results from a recent survey indicate that consumers are most comfortable eating lab-cultivated seafood when it is marketed as "cell-based." One startup in this space, BlueNalu, is set to be the first to make a small commercial release of a cell-cultivated product in the latter half of 2021. Read more at Forbes


KFC will sell plant-based fried chicken in these cities

KFC's faux chicken, which is made by Beyond Meat, will hit 50 locations in Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego next week. Fast-food chains have seen an increased demand for plant-based menu items throughout the pandemic and continue rolling them out, despite the fact that most are pausing other major menu changes because of food supply chain instability. Read more at CNN

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