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CBD Monthly Update – February 2020

CBD Monthly Update – February 2020
We gathered the top CBD news from this month to keep you in the loop.


Congress introduces bill to legalize CBD

Representatives unveiled HB 5587, a bipartisan bill to allow CBD into foods and supplements. The simple, three-page bill would explicitly include hemp-derived CBD in the definition of a dietary supplement. The legislation could make an end-run around the FDA regarding the ingredient’s legality. Read more at The Cannabis Radar...

Research funding grows

Panacea Life Sciences CEO and Colorado State University alum Leslie Buttorff donated $1.5 million to the school to fund cannabinoid research. Farther west, Oregon State University’s Global Hemp Innovation Center announced it will receive $2.5 million in cannabis research funding from the federal government. Read more at Ganjapreneur...

Mass layoffs at Tilray and Aurora Cannabis

Both leading Canadian companies let go at least 10% of their employees. Aurora Cannabis’ CEO stepped down, at least the third cannabis company head to leave their position since January 2018. One expert calls the activity a much-needed correction in the cannabis market. Read more at Forbes...

Democratic candidates clarify cannabis policies

Reversing his previous position, presidential candidate Joe Biden said that cannabis is “at the point where it has to be, basically, legalized.” Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) confirmed he would legalize cannabis federally on his first day in office. The other candidates clarified their positions as they made the rounds. Read more at Gangapreneur...

New delivery system may boost CBD bioavailability

A recent, small study published in the journal Molecules found that a new self-emulsifying oral drug delivery system increased the bioavailability of CBD and was linked to faster absorption. Read more at Chiropractic Economics...

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