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Morre-Tec acquires fortification products provider Vitacyclix

Morre-Tec acquires fortification products provider Vitacyclix
The company says it will also work with the founders of Vitacyclix to market new water-soluble nutritional ingredients using Vitacylcix’s SOL-U-BLE technology.

Leonard Glass, president and CEO of MORRE-Tec Industries, announced that the company has acquired Vitacyclix, a Yonkers, New York company known for its quality vitamins, nutrients and bioflavonoids for fortification in food, dairy, beverage and nutritional products.

In making the announcement, Glass discussed the resources that Vitacyclix is bringing to MORRE-Tec, including water-soluble vitamins A, D and E liquid concentrates and powders that provide significant advantages for manufacturers of food, beverage and nutritional products. MORRE-Tec will also be collaborating with the founders of Vitacyclix to market new water-soluble nutritional ingredients including fat-soluble vitamins, bioflavonoids, carotenoids and omega 3s created using Vitacylcix’s SOL-U-BLE technology. He explained that SOL-U-BLE technology improves water solubility, enhances bioavailability and promotes increased absorption of most of these essential fat-soluble vitamins and nutrients that contribute to good health. Glass cited Vitacyclix’s long established industry expertise, stating, “Vitacyclix is the dairy fortification pioneer that actually developed and launched the original vitamin A and D concentrates more than 55 years ago under their flagship brand, Freeman Dairy Vitamins A&D. Today, these concentrates are widely used by some of the world’s largest dairy, food, and beverage producers.” Glass noted that the Vitacyclix patented formulations add an exceptional distinction to our functional and nutritional ingredients portfolio.

Michael Glass, MORRE-Tec’s director of sales and marketing, commented on the timeliness and relevancy of the acquisition. “Experts believe that more than one billion individuals are vitamin D deficient, which is significant because of the well established negative effects of this deficiency. Originally recognized as the vitamin that overcame the scourge of rickets, vitamin D deficiency has been associated with enabling a vast number of other serious conditions including various forms of cancer, osteoporosis, Crohn’s disease, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, heart ailments, arthritis and autoimmune illnesses. More and more, well informed consumers are scrutinizing labels for vitamin D.”

William Ludlum, MORRE-Tec’s vice president of administration and special projects, emphasized how the acquisition impacts customers. “Our customers will recognize that this acquisition expands the company’s strategic growth into new areas of functional ingredients. This will lead to more opportunities for our products and services to support their needs.  By expanding our core product line with new functional ingredients and technologies, MORRE-Tec is in prime position to support manufacturers with the fortification ingredients that address their long-term needs.”

President Leonard Glass concluded, “We are very pleased that we have expanded our offerings through this acquisition. I commend Michael Glass and Bill Ludlum for developing this new niche for MORRE-Tec. I look forward to their leadership in forming the integration team that will initiate and oversee a smooth and rewarding transition.”

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