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With new CEO at the helm, WTRMLN WTR moves headquarters to Denver

Why the move, and what's next for the beverage brand? Recently appointed CEO Christine Perich gives us the details.

WTRMLN WTR, the cold-pressed watermelon juice company that shot to fame when Beyonce became an investor, recently relocated its headquarters from New York to Denver, soon after its new CEO Christine Perich, formerly CEO of New Belgium Brewing, took over.

We talked to Perich about the company’s move, and why being in Colorado is so attractive for natural products companies.

Tell us, briefly, why you chose to move the company HQ to Denver.

Christine Perich: Colorado has an amazing health and wellness vibe. Aside from the fact that I was already here and our VP of operations was located in Colorado, the state just embraced what we were trying to do with the brand, and we felt we could connect with other health and wellness brands. WTRMLN WTR is a highly functional beverage for fitness, and we felt we would have a lot of camaraderie.

We’ve grown a really great brand, but we’re still continuing to grow. We had and still have a strong presence in New York— that won’t go away. It was just time for the next evolution of the company.

Is there anything about the business infrastructure in Colorado that appealed to you with this relocation?

CP: I think mainly we needed what Colorado had to offer from a fitness and lifestyle perspective. We felt like there would be a really great opportunity to connect with other brands and take advantage of the lifestyle here.

We’re in a coworking space in Denver right now—it helps a smaller company get going when you don’t have to have everything right out of the gate. But we’re also looking for something longer-term where we can create a home, where people can come visit us.

Do you have any tips for other companies who might be considering a move, whether to Denver or elsewhere?

CP: We’ve worked with the city a lot. Not everywhere you go in the country can you get the reception and the help that you need, but the city of Denver’s been fantastic. They want to have really good energy in the city. I’d say: Don’t be afraid to connect with municipalities, because they want to help you. I think a lot of people pass that up. We’ve only tapped it a little bit, but the little that we have has been extremely helpful.

What kind of growth can we expect to see from WTRMLN WTR in the near future? Are you focusing more on geographic expansion or growing your product line?

CP: Both. We’ll expand our product line, although we don’t have specific plans at the moment—we launched BLNDS in February and that’s our focus right now. They’ve been in Whole Foods since February and we’re going to start pushing those out into other retailers. But our goal is also to get into more and more hands—to expand geographically as well as achieve deeper penetration in the markets we’re already in.

Are there any other specific examples of how being in Colorado has helped or is likely to help the brand?

CP: When you’ve embedded yourself in an environment that so authentically embodies your brand’s values, you’re going to have a bigger talent pool to pull from. We’re just starting that process of doing some hiring, and I’ve been super impressed with the talent in Denver. When you’re surrounded by people with a similar mindset, it creates more energy and a specific ideation around things. There’s a real base of people in Colorado around this industry that I think will benefit us. We’re excited to be a part of the community and to continue to grow a successful business.  

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