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New ultra-high phospholipid launch by RIMFROST Krill puts choline on the podium

krill oil capsules
The Norwegian Antarctic krill oil player reframes the market, focuses on new consumer benefits and positions itself outside the omega-3 category.

“For a long time we have talked about krill as the next generation omega-3. Our experience and the advice of our customers has confirmed that while the omega-3 component is still important, there is much more to krill--especially with RIMFROST products," reveals Sales and Marketing Director John Cameron. "From now on we will be showing customers exciting new business opportunities in other categories, where Antarctic krill can show off its full spectrum."

With the possibility to reach a level of 60 percent phospholipid concentration, RIMFROST completely renews the value proposition of Antarctic krill. It is the highest natural concentration on the market with no added extras. DHA/EPA are still prominent fatty acids found in the extract, but RIMFROST wants to highlight the importance of phospholipids, choline and astaxanthin as well. Of particular interest is how these different nutrients work together, enhancing processes throughout the body and providing good nutrition for cells. They are all amphiphilic in their nature, which enables them to be effectively transported into every part of the body, even across the blood-brain barrier. In practice, ultra-high phospholipid concentration enables several authorized health claims for choline and omega-3s with convenient supplement dosages.

RIMFROST SUBLIME is nature’s own combination of essential nutrients. The high-phospholipid extract is made possible by with commercial-scale, proprietary processing technology.

The extraction process preserves the intrinsic goodness of krill, making it highly relevant and interesting for consumers looking for wholefood-inspired solutions:

“Our new launch has great relevance for consumer demands for clean and pure, naturally sourced, sustainably produced solutions," Cameron says. "We have also identified consumer trends, needs and wants, directing us towards providing benefits that meet nutritional needs brought on by e.g. stressful living, job demands, aspirational goal-setting or ageing."

Interesting areas are e.g. management of homocysteine and inflammation levels, liver health, cardiovascular health and memory and brain function. “RIMFROST SUBLIME can be seen as a nutritional tool, ensuring that the cells have enough nutrients to keep our bodies and minds performing optimally at all times,” Cameron adds, suggesting there are interesting applications for both personalized supplements to meet specific health needs, as well as more general formulations to maintain health and wellbeing.

One of the most tangible benefits of ultra-high phospholipid concentration to be presented at SupplySide West Expo 2015 is that it increases the choline content substantially, enabling conveniently dosed applications with approved EU health claims as well as nutrient content claims in the US.

Choline is an emerging essential nutrient with increasing research supporting the important role it plays in several body systems. It is believed that consumers currently have insufficient intake of choline. It is considered essential e.g. in management of homocysteine metabolism. Homocysteine has been linked to disorders of a number of major body systems.

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