NP Nutra updates web for preferred customers

NP Nutraannounced the release of an important high level update to their popular website


NP Nutra, a Los Angeles based manufacturer of nutraceuticals, announced the release of an important high level update to their popular website The new update allows NP Nutra’s preferred customers to create an account gaining instant access to important product information.

NP Nutra’s new and improved website has been operating since May this year and has already proved to be extremely well used, being highly informative with a clean, easily navigable format, user friendly search features, downloadable product lists, and social media plug ins. Going beyond merely selling products, NP Nutra’s website aims to educate and inspire with loads of great information and beautiful photography and graphics.

The preferred customers update includes a special sign in area where customers can access documents for viewing and downloading. Customers now have 24 hour access to important documents including Certificate of Analysis, Specification Sheets, MSDS, Allergen Statements, Nutritional Facts and Production Flow Charts for every product on NP Nutra’s Price List. Based on customer research conducted earlier in the year, NP Nutra anticipates this new area will be a hit with busy customers looking for instant access to information 24/7.

“Easy access to online product documents was the number one request from our customers,” says Marina Linsley, NP Nutra’s marketing director. “This kind of service is increasingly important as our customer base goes global and we’re expecting the service to be extremely well used.”

The company has experienced phenomenal growth since its foundation in 1998. NP Nutra offers a full line of organic and superfruit ingredients manufactured in its facilities all over the world and stocked at its 26,000 square foot facility in the greater Los Angeles area. NP Nutra’s organic and natural ingredients serve the needs and desires of health conscious consumers around the world.


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