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Natural Products Expo

NutrAward for best finished product adds culture to chips

Farmhouse Culture, NutrAward 2017 winner
Bestowed at Natural Products Expo West 2017, Farmhouse Culture innovates with probiotics.

The march of probiotics continues with the bestowing of the NutrAward, at Natural Products Expo West and Engredea 2017, to snack maker Farmhouse Culture for its sauerkraut-based, naturally fermented and probiotic-loaded chips.

Kraut kings Farmhouse Culture introduced a chip with the taste and beneficial health benefits of sauerkraut—its leading ingredient. Rich in a plant-based probiotic blend, the tangy tortilla chips is an organic, non-GMO, gut-friendly replacement for the traditional salt and vinegar potato chip.

“Our mission is to create generations of healthy microbiomes by providing great-tasting, probiotic-rich food products that span the grocery store,” said Marc McCullagh, director of marketing for Farmhouse Culture. “The win serves as terrific validation that we’re on the right path toward bringing great-tasting, approachable, probiotic-rich foods to a wider range of consumers.”

New Farmhouse Culture Sauerkraut and masa serve as the base for Farmhouse Culture’s fresh twist on tortilla chips. After cooking, the light, airy snacks are seasoned with natural herbs and other flavorings, along with a plant-based probiotic strain that has been shown to support digestive and immune health.

The good bacteria in the kraut does not survive the cooking process, however, so Farmhouse Culture adds the Ganeden BC30 strain of Bacillus coagulans probiotic.

“Our philosophy is that it’s important to get probiotics in a variety of ways,” said McCullagh. “We’re excited to provide a probiotic-rich option that will satisfy the consumer desire for crunchy snacks, while adding the clinically studied benefits of Ganeden BC30.”

Also Certified Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified, the line is great for dipping into salsa or hummus, or as a standalone snack. The new product is available in five flavors (for a suggested $3.79 SRP per 5-ounce pouch), including: Dill Pickle, Sea Salt, Smoked Jalapeno, White Cheddar and Zesty Garden Veggie.

Farmhouse Culture, an emerging leader in probiotic-rich foods and beverages, was founded in 2008 by a trained chef. Farmhouse Culture's ferments are plant-based, gluten-free and crafted to help nourish the microbiome. All of the company’s krauts and fermented vegetables are sold in unique vented pouches that allow the active cultures to thrive.

The company is planning a spring 2017 launch of Gut Punch, a line of sparkling, ready-to-drink probiotoc beverages that deliver 4 billion CFUs per 12-ounce bottle.

The NutrAward for best finished product featuring a functional ingredient is now in its sixth year. The NutrAward winners are selected based on a weighted vote from the selection committee consisting of a panel of industry experts, scientists and nutritionists, as well as by cumulative votes of registered attendees of Engredea. Each NutrAward submission is judged on it being a viable product, in an emerging category, with a creative product concept, with a distinct health application, with unique packaging and matchless marketing.

On the ingredients side, the NutrAward for best new ingredient went to Aker BioMarine for its Superba Boost krill oil concentrate. Read coverage of the winner.

To view the list of NutrAward winners in the ingredients category dating back to 1998, click here.

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