Diana Naturals Debuts New Trademarks

Raw materials supplier Diana Naturals, Antrain, France, has launched a series of trademarks for its Phytonutriance® line of botanical extracts. The Phytonutriance® line is a range of botanicals with naturally-occurring, guaranteed actives and is backed by clinical trials and/or patents. To further differentiate this unique line of products, Diana has added the following trademarks to ingredients in the line:

• Phytonutriance® HealSea™ fucus extract for cardiovascular health
• Phytonutriance® ChondrActiv™ joint health product with recently-completed human clinical
• Phytonutriance® Brassicare™ broccoli extract standardized to glucoraphane
• Phytonutriance® Appl’In™ apple extract with 80% polyphenols and 5% phloridzin for weight management applications.
• Phytonutriance CranPure™cranberry extract with 30% PAC’s
Additionally, the Phytonutriance® line includes a European-sourced bilberry extract and an acerola extract with 17% natural vitamin C.

About Diana Naturals:
Diana Naturals, based in Antrain, France, is a $140 million raw materials manufacturer with a food-grade facility focused on all natural, non-GMO products. Diana has strong agricultural and extraction expertise and a commitment to science with patented products and ongoing clinicals, offering guaranteed actives and full traceability from source to end product. The company has five manufacturing facilities in France, sales offices in New York, Bangkok, Buenos Aires and Shanghai and additional manufacturing in Chile.

For more information:
Gayle Struble
[email protected]
Tel: 845-268-5200

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