Naturex-DBS launches Pacran Organic

Naturex-DBS launches Pacran Organic

Organic format further broadens the market potential for this cranberry nutraceutical ingredient.

Naturex-DBS announced the launch of Pacran® Organic, a USDA certified-organic cranberry powder. Supported by six U.S. and three international patents, Pacran is the cranberry ingredient of choice for the world’s most successful urinary tract health nutritional supplements. Pacran’s availability in an organic format further broadens the market potential for the world’s leading cranberry nutraceutical ingredient.

“DBS continues to be the leader in cranberry science and innovation,” said Dan Souza, senior director of sales and marketing, “Pacran® Organic is the only clinically supported, health claim substantiated cranberry powder available in an organic format. Like conventional Pacran, Pacran Organic uses a proprietary blend of the whole fruit to deliver the full-spectrum benefits of the whole cranberry. Pacran Organic is a logical extension of the all-natural Pacran line of cranberry powders targeted toward urinary tract health.”


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