Nutraceuticals International Group adds SelectSIEVE Olive

Nutraceuticals International Group adds SelectSIEVE Olive

Extract contains highly concentrated flavonoids from olives.

As designed by Nature itself, SelectSIEVE® Olive has been isolated by 100 percent Mediterranean olive matrix through an eco-sustainable process based on soft conditions. The olive tree is a symbol of peace, immortality and extremely long living.

SelectSIEVE Olive is an extract containing highly concentrated flavonoids from the olive, universally recognized to support heart health. The olive fruits functional properties have been recognized by EFSA to reduce oxidative stress, have antioxidant properties, to be active on lipid metabolism and to protect body cells and LDL from oxidative damages. Such polyphenols are isolated from the fruit in glycosilated form which is a guarantee of the natural source and improves their digestibility, bioavailability and stability.


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