Aker granted MSC cert in Australia

Aker granted MSC cert in Australia

Aker BioMarine is the only krill harvester in the world that has MSC certification.

Aker BioMarine Antarctic Australasia Pty has achieved Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification for its sustainable practices and well managed krill fishery infrastructure. Aker is the only krill harvester in the world that has MSC certification. Its krill-derived products sold in Australia are now eligible to bear the MSC eco-label, providing consumers with a guarantee of sustainability, effective fisheries management, and full traceability from sea to shelf. 

Since the krill fishery is considered among the most challenging fisheries, MSC (an international nonprofit organization with an independent certifying body and a public assessment process) has set the standards for sustainable fishing. MSC certification adheres to the most stringent sustainability requirements, with a strong commitment to ensuring a healthy ecosystem. In order to maintain MSC Certification, Aker undergoes annual auditing during which it must maintain certain benchmarks and conditions.

To date, Aker BioMarine has invested hundreds of millions of dollars to create a controlled krill supply chain in the Antarctic, with a long-term focus on sustainable harvesting.

"Sustainability is central to our business operations," said Webjørn Eikrem, executve vice president of upstream operations, Aker BioMarine. "Ourultimate goal is to continuously meet the highest environmental standards in sustainable management while producing great krill products for our customers in Australia and worldwide."

"This achievement fits nicely with our goals in the Australian market and it confirms Aker's role as a responsible player in the krill market specifically, and the omega-3 market generally," said Lalen Dogan, managing director, Aker BioMarine Antarctic Australasia Pty.

The krill market has experienced triple-digit growth in the Australian complimentary medicines market during the past year-and-a-half. "Consumers and industry are mindful of the health benefits as well as the need for balance in managing this important natural resource," Dogan added. "Achieving and maintaining MSC Certification further validates Aker's commitment to ensuring sustainable operational activities that support the overall health of the krill fishery."


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