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How Quicksilver Scientific uses state-of-the-art technology to drive superior health and sales

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Quicksilver Scientific CEO, founder and resident chemist Christopher Shade, Ph.D., uses scientific derring-do to conjure wildly efficacious formulations based on nanosized phospholipid delivery formats to enhance absorption and bioavailability of bioactive substances.

Led by chemist Christopher Shade, Ph.D., Quicksilver Scientific uses a nanotech delivery format to supercharge supplement ingredients. The innovation pipeline only seems to be accelerating as the company has raced from CBD formulations in 2019 to COVID-19-age products aimed at supporting a body’s internal balance with clever and science-forward formulations. We spoke with Shade, the company’s founder and CEO, about science, innovation and mission.

How important is ingredient bioavailability to health outcomes?

The bioavailability of any ingredient is its most critical measurement of effectiveness. An ingredient’s ability to be absorbed faster and more efficiently is the difference between an effective product and a waste of time and money. Quicksilver Scientific’s No. 1 priority is ensuring that our customers receive the maximum benefit from our products.

Quicksilver Scientific is renowned for its liposomal delivery format. How does that work? 

ImmuneChargeBottle_Nexty-copy.jpgLiposomes protect nutrients by helping prevent breakdown from stomach acid and facilitate faster, more effective intracellular delivery. A lot of liposomal products have large particles that absorb poorly. However, optimal bioavailability is only possible when the liposomes are actually small enough to pass between cells and enter the bloodstream. This is the difference that the Quicksilver Delivery Systems provides. Our liposomal delivery systems improve upon basic liposomal technology by virtue of our smaller, stable, single-layer spheres, made from the highest-quality ingredients available. 

The Quarantine Recovery Program is so very on point. What aspects of the COVID-19 freakout does it address? 

We know that this year’s No. 1 concern has been how to support a healthy immune response. With our Quarantine Recovery Program, we wanted to create a suite of products that help bring the body back to a state of balance amid the stresses of quarantine while preparing it for any future immune challenges. We think the response to the program really highlights how consumers and practitioners alike have focused on immune health this year and why it is so important. We see this attention to immune health continuing into 2021.

So many of the Quicksilver Scientific formulations are just deep with innovation. What is the core inspiration that drives innovation?

Our inspiration for innovation is born from a desire to create products that positively affect our customers’ lives. We know that science and nature can lead the way to optimal health, and we are dedicated to uncovering the best possible ways to achieve this lofty goal. Our greatest success is when we identify a new way to make empirical data provide the definition and direction for elements of our natural health products.

Health and mission are two things that consumers value more than ever before. How do your products spark change in peoples’ lives?

dr-shade-press-images-company-weekly.jpgWe hope our products inspire people to change their lives and achieve their dreams. Our typical customer is a driven individual who is dedicated and seeking ways to reach personal bests. Our products and protocols are here to help people detoxify their bodies and attain a state of wellbeing that can transform mental, physical and emotional health. We feel the best way to spark change in peoples’ lives is to provide them with the tools to help them do it.

Learn more about Quicksilver Scientific and see its latest products in the Spark Change Product Discovery Zone virtual expo. Visitors can:Natural Products Expo Spark Change logo

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