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The Dr. Oz Show hires Michael Crupain

Board certified in preventive medicine, Dr. Crupain joins the Dr. Oz Show as chief of staff of the Medical Unit.

The three-time Emmy® award-winning, The Dr. Oz Show announced the hiring of Michael Crupain, M.D., as chief of staff of the Medical Unit.  Dr. Crupain will lead the section of the show's production responsible for researching and vetting scripts, evaluating expert guests, ordering and editing medical animations and overseeing liaisons with the show's Medical Advisory Board. He will also lead efforts to enhance the show's ongoing dialogue with the medical community.

"I am passionate about studying evidence based and best practice approaches to preventing disease and am excited to join The Dr. Oz Show where this discussion is already taking place,"said Dr. Crupain.

Dr. Crupain joins the show from Consumer Reports where he served as director of the Food Safety and Sustainability Center.  The medical unit is the part of the  production team that regularly investigates and verifies all information that is presented on the show, and food safety is a frequent segment topic.

"Dr. Crupain joins our robust medical unit made of physicians, medical students, producers and researchers who ensure the information on our show is not only accurate but explained in a way that is most helpful to the viewer," said Dr. Oz. "Dr. Crupain worked with us in prior seasons and has a keen insight into how we produce our show in the service of the viewer and to facilitate a national conversation on health that's backed by the highest medical rigor."

As part of the show's effort to communicate frequently with the broader physician and medical community, Dr. Crupain will maintain direct relationships with key public health organizations. He will also oversee the development and management of a new section of the show's website devoted to ongoing conversation and updates with physicians, nurses, and health professionals. In addition to an MD from New York Medical College in NY, he holds a Master of Public Health from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore, MD. He completed residency in preventive medicine and is board certified in preventive medicine. He also has a B.S. of Psychology from Duke University in Durham, NC. Dr. Crupain has authored more than eight academic papers and abstracts.

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