Upfront Chromatography appoints new CEO

Upfront Chromatography appoints new CEO

Upront's board chairman Michael Pålsson takes the company's reins and has many changes planned.

After three years as the chairman of the board for Upfront, Michael Pålsson is now the new CEO for the company. Upfront Chromatography will focus on the food industry, where the company’s technology already has demonstrated its value. With Pålsson, Upfront Chromatography has a CEO with years of experience successfully bringing new technologies to the industry by challenging the existing market and creating new settings.

Upfront Chromatography is the leading global provider of industrial-scale chromatographic extraction technology. The company is located in Copenhagen, Denmark, and operates around the world mainly within the food processing industry. Upfront’s technology is already used globally at commercial scale for the production of food enzymes, protein ingredients and bioactive components.

Protein components from the dairy industry, soluble proteins from plants and industrial enzymes are Upfront’s selected areas of concentration. According to Pålsson, it’s especially the dairy industry that will benefit greatly from the technology. “We have already demonstrated our strength in the dairy industry globally and will proceed with our focus,” he said. “Upfront’s technology makes it possible for the right parties to create a new set of rules in the dairy industry. Our technology enables the production of highly valued ingredients to be produced more economically and in much larger scale than currently, any part of the world.”

Pålsson is technical engineer from the Danish Technical University (DTU). He has been CEO and director for a range of biotech and technology companies and is a member and chairman in several boards. Pålsson will focus on transferring Upfront Chromatography into a significant actor in the global protein extraction and isolation technology. In the near future, Upfront will be re-created both with respect to the industry focus and the speed of action. Upfront Chromatography will be challenging the existing market and creating new settings for the industry.

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